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Hello! My name is Shikhita and I have learned a thing or two about using social media effectively for marketing my own business, Fair Cake. This podcast is about the lessons learned and how they can be used by small business owners to achieve their own goals. I have more than a decade of experience behind me and I will share my up and downs honestly so that you do not end up making the same mistakes that I did!

It did not all start on Instagram for me - it started after I resigned from my office job and started Fair Cake from my kitchen table back in 2007. Instagram did, however, revolutionise my small business. This is where I built my community of my very own business champions. I can now boast of more than 400,000 followers on my Fair Cake account. Fair Cake is a humble cookery school, that happens to specialise in cake. It is a non-celebrity endorsed business, it does not have a "lifestyle" element to it. You will not find carefully curated pictures of personal triumphs and trials here. It is, shall we say, an old fashioned business, punching above its weight with the help of new media.  The success of Fair Cake, now, is largely due to our incredible following on Instagram - our followers are genuinely interested in what we do. This did not happen overnight, it did not happen automatically. We stayed true to our principles and worked hard understanding how social media works. Instagram, in particular. Across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, each a different social media beast, Fair Cake now has over half a million followers.

Below you will find my second Instagram account, for this podcast, Your Social Media Journey. Come and follow me there for day to day - this is where you can connect with other entrepreneurs, see me live and ask questions by sending me a DM.

I do hope you come along for the ride! x

Hi Shikhita! Just an update since following your advice from the end of January until now (4th April) - I have gone from 300 followers to almost 900 just by changing a few things. Thank you so much for the advice!
— @chellebakescakes