15: An Interview With Jane Means - Using Social Media For A Creative Business

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I have been wanting to interview the incredible Jane Means for some time and we finally got a chance to speak. It was an absolute pleasure to interview Jane, who set up her gift wrapping business in 1995. I wanted to interview someone who had an established and thriving business before social media arrived on the scene. It was such a fascinating chat to have - to find out all the details of how Jane’s business adapted to using social media.

The podcast episode will give you all the details. Here are all the links mentioned in this episode. If there is anything I have missed, do please get in touch with me.

Jane’s website can be found here

Follow Jane on Instagram here

The app that Jane uses to freshen up her appearance during very busy periods of work is called FaceTune and can be found here

The app that Jane uses to visualise her Instagram feed is UNUM - it can be found here

The key take aways from this episode are:

  1. Do not take your business super seriously, humour is key to building an audience!

  2. Understand your audience and serve them with exactly what it is they are looking for

  3. If you are managing social media yourself, invest in improving your photography skills

  4. If YOU are the brand, share what is important to you and why

  5. Twitter is great for building a relationship with the press

  6. Do not underestimate the importance of local contacts for building your business

  7. Find help in understanding how social media works for business, if you need to!

Thank you for tuning in to Your Social Media Journey. As always, you can find me on social media, especially Instagram - where I discuss not only social media tactics and strategies, but also my own experiences in starting and running a business. Until next time, bye for now!