9: Using Social Media For Digital Business - An Interview With Louise Henry


In this episode, the super talented Louise Henry of Solopreneur Sidekick reveals her social media strategy. If you run a digital business, this episode is full of actionable insights that will help you plan your own online presence. For full episode, see below.


Hi everyone and welcome to episode 9 of Your Social Media Journey. This is a special podcast episode - I interviewed Louise Henry, aka Solopreneur Sidekick. Louise is a digital nomad. A digital nomad! This means that she runs her business from glamorous locations around the world, the only stipulation being that there should be a good wifi connection! Am I envious? A tad. Just a tad.

I first found Louise on her absolutely brilliant YouTube channel. It was her tutorials that gave me the confidence to use Square Space to make my own website, www.yoursocialmediajourney.com. Once I followed her on YouTube, I immediately jumped to her Instagram and Facebook pages. Of course I noticed that she is AMAZING in using social media for her business, so I simply had to request an interview.

We covered many a topic, including how she uses Trello to organise her business, and the app Plann to add spaces to her Instagram captions. Louise also uses Plann to plan her content on Instagram - it is a great app and I do recommend you check it out if the overall aesthetic of your Instagram account is important to you!

We spoke a bit about a “link in bio”. This is something I found as I spent yet another hour looking for social media on the internet. During my travels across the internet, I found this very interesting article about Instagram’s Link in Bio strategy and how it might not be working as well as it did. Here is the article, you can make your own mind up!

I hope you enjoyed this episode. The shownotes are tricky to produce and I do hope I have not missed out anything. If I have, please let me know!

My next episode will be about avoiding mistakes on Instagram. I have been offering FREE Instagram account audits to my audience and I have seen a common pattern of mistakes. I will talk all about it in the next episode. Until next time, bye for now…