1: An introduction to this podcast - Your Social Media Journey


Hi everyone and welcome to my podcast! Starting a podcast has been a goal of mine for a while now. A looong while. I decided to bite the bullet today. My name is Shikhita, or to pronounce it correctly, Shikhita. I have been living in London for the last 20 years, but I am originally from India - which I why I have a slightly strange accent. Now that you know why I sound how I sound, lets get into the actual podcast.

My podcasts, starting with this one, will be about using social media to further your business. I found social media immensely useful for my own business, Fair Cake, that I started back in the pre-Facebook days of 2007. Pre-Facebook, do you even remember that?! It was a mad world. We had no smartphones, either! Chances are, you are listening to this podcast on a smart phone, most probably plugged into your car, while driving. Thats how I listen to podcasts - but I digress. 

Back to social media. As I was saying, it is THE tool that allowed my business to flourish. If you have a small business, or are thinking of starting a side hustle or even your main hustle, you can use social media to your advantage. Big time. 

It is an ever changing scenario, though. You need to keep up with what is going on in terms of what each platform is up to. You need to read as much as you can about what works and what stopped working in 2016 (remember when all your followers saw what you uploaded in the ORDER that you uploaded? In technical terms, this was called a chronological feed.) Practically every business that used Instagram then panicked and urged followers to hit the “post notifications” symbol on. That did not quite work. If someone is following around a 100 accounts, their phone will be going ding dong ALL the time! 

And of course now, in 2019, things are even trickier. Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Twitter catch ups and the old fashioned news feed - where you do you even start? Well, over the course of the next few podcasts, I will address exactly that. 

I have now been using social media for more than a decade - for my business. I have first hand experience of how social media has actually worked and not worked. I have a confession, I am slightly geeky. I get quite excited about numbers and graphs and analytics and website traffic. I am really into experimenting and changing  my strategy (and Oooh yes, there IS a strategy) depending on what works and what does not. The best thing about using social media to promote your business is that you will finally stop depending on friends and family to talk about YOUR business to THEIR friends and family. I recently posted on Instagram in my account @yoursocialmediajourney that I felt that when I started my businesses, I quickly bored my friends and family to tears by going ON and ON and ON about my business. They had their own lives, their own concerns and while they were very supportive of what I was doing, it soon became clear that their time for my business talk was very limited. My abundant enthusiasm about creating a website and making cakes and photographing them and cropping the photographs and learning how to edit pictures - yadda yadda yadda was exhausting for them. 

Social media saved me! Here I could find fellow entrepreneur geeks, photography geeks, website geeks - all sorts of people who were INTO the world that I was soon becoming a part of. THAT was exciting. 

I will stop here for this podcast. I will upload my very first episode after this one, so check it out. And I would absolutely 100% love it if you shared it with anyone else you might know who is at the start of their business. And a podcast will not be a podcast without me begging for a review. There, I begged. A good review REALLY supports me in continuing this journey, so thank you already. Bye for now, until next time….